What are High Security Locks, Keys & Cylinders?
High security locks, keys and cylinders provide effective key control because they guard against unauthorized key duplication by using "restricted" keys that can only be duplicated by the factory, assigned distributor or locksmith.  A special key machine is often required to cut high security keys.  High security cylinders are highly pick resistant. Some high security cylinders are highly drill resistant because they have hard pins imbedded in them to deter drilling. High security locks and keys are available for almost any type of lock imaginable including key-in-knob locks, mortise locks, exit devices, padlocks, utility locks, desk locks,  file cabinet locks, safe locks to name just a few.

We furnish the following High Security Locks, Keys and Cylinders:

            SCHLAGE PRIMUS 

        We use a Primus high security keyway that is assigned only to Grey Enterprises, Inc. for northeast Ohio.  This makes it easy for our customers to obtain extra keys when necessary while maintaining effective key control.

        Keeps cost down by allowing integration with existing Schlage  restricted and standard keyways.

        Cylinders are pick resistant

        U.L version cylinders have hard pins to deter drilling.

        Keys and cylinders are less expensive than other high security systems.


        Provides 4 levels of key control to meet your needs.  The lowest level keys can be cut by any Medeco locksmith.  The highest level, which is less convenient, can only be cut by the factory and only with the appropriate signature.

        Will not integrate with existing Schlage restricted and standard keyways.

        All cylinders are U.L. listed, have hard pins to deter drilling, and are pick resistant.

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