We provide safe opening and repair services anywhere in Northeast Ohio!

We are conveniently and centrally located in Akron, the hub for Northeast Ohio.

Locked out of your safe?
We can open almost any safe from antique banker’s safes built in the 1800’s to modern day high security TRTL- 30x6 safes equipped with glass relocking devices.  Sometimes we can open your problem safe through manipulation or with our auto-dialer without drilling.  When drilling is necessary, we have the knowledge and modern equipment to get your safe open efficiently so you can operate your business.

We specialize in servicing electronic cash handling safes.
We service and stock Tidel, Autobank, and NKL parts and consumables for cash handling safes.  We have the knowledge and parts inventory to take care of your problem efficiently and usually with one trip!  We will not charge you for an extra trip, if we do not have a part that should be in our inventory.

We service all brands and ratings of safes.
We service all makes and models of safes from small home safes to high security safes. We have a large inventory of parts.  Do you have a problem opening your safe?  Give us a call before you incur an expensive lock out.

Deter internal theft and robberies with a hi-tech electronic safe locks for improved access control!
Many safes can be updated to accept hi-tech safe locks. E
lectronic safe locks are easy to use and can help to deter internal theft and robberies.  Here are some reasons why:

·        Ease of operation encourages employees to keep the safe locked.

·        Automatically relocks when you close the safe.

·        Lets you easily change the code at any time.

·        Allows for multiple users, while at the same time giving you greater control.

·        “Time Delay” helps deter robberies.

·        “Audit Trail” helps deter internal theft by providing detailed activity on safe access.

·        Dual control for greater security and added control for handling multiple shifts.

·        “Time Lock Out” provides time-controlled security where no PIN codes will open the lock until the specified time has elapsed.                                                            

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