We furnish and install computer generated Master Key Systems anywhere in Northeast Ohio!

How to plan for a Master Key System:   

Good planning is an essential component to a well designed master key system.  A typical system may employ a grand master that works all the locks, master keys that work groups of locks and individual change keys that operate only one lock each.  Depending on your needs, you may want to consider an access control system,  video surveillance system, and high security cylinders and keys to increase security, ease of use and flexibility in conjunction with your master key system. Use the following check list to help you in your planning and call us today at (330) 376-2900 for a free consultation and estimate. 

        Produce a drawing showing all doors and areas to be included in the system.

        What security problems are you currently aware of?

        Are there plans for expansion?

        Are other buildings involved?

        Determine who needs to have key access to specific areas.

        Are there times where you may want to restrict access to people who would normally have key access (i.e. holidays, weekends, evenings etc.)?

        Are there times where you may need to give someone temporary access?

        Are there high security areas that should not be included in the master key system?

        Be proactive are there different ways of doing things that can increase security and eliminate the number of people that need key access.    

        Are there unsecured areas in your facility that can easily be entered by  an unauthorized person?

        What are the potential problems if a master key or change key is lost, stolen or not returned?

        What is your employee turnover?

        Who will control the system (i.e. hand out and account for
all keys)?

        Should high security locks and keys be installed?

        Should electronic access control systems be installed?

        Should a digital video system be installed?

        Should interchangeable cores and cylinders be used?